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Outbound Operations Manager

Posted on Friday, October 13, 2023 is the leading go-to-market solution for revenue teams, trusted by over 500,000 companies and millions of users globally, from rapidly growing startups to some of the world's largest enterprises. provides sales and marketing teams with easy access to verified contact data for over 270 million B2B contacts, along with tools to engage and convert these contacts in one unified platform. By helping revenue professionals find the most accurate contact information and automating the outreach process, turns prospects into customers. Apollo raised a series D in 2023 and is backed by top-tier investors, including Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, and more, and counts the former President and COO of Hubspot, JD Sherman, among its board members. is growing rapidly, with 900% revenue growth since 2021, and is looking for world-class talent to keep building with us.

Join us as's Outbound Operations Manager and take the reins of our pivotal Product-Led Sales and Marketing (PLSM) function. We're all about merging tech brilliance with sales efficiency, and with PLSM, we're setting the gold standard for automated campaigns in the industry. For those sales-minded eager to use their proven strategies with next-gen tools, this is your launchpad. Let's redefine the outbound game as a team.


  1. Lead PLSM Initiatives: Oversee the PLSM function, ensuring it continually meets and exceeds performance benchmarks.
  2. Sales & Strategy Integration: Incorporate high-performing sales tactics into scalable strategies using’s diverse toolset.
  3. Tool Mastery: Utilize and master tools such as and Reachdesk to innovate and enhance the sales process.
  4. Growth Ambitions: Drive quarterly growth targets, continuously aiming for a 10-20% increase in sales demos and a parallel 10-20% boost in account expansions each quarter
  5. Creative Testing & Optimization: Regularly deploy, assess, and refine creative tests and strategies to optimize engagement and conversion results.
  6. Collaboration: Work in tandem with the sales and tech teams, ensuring tool optimization and that sales tactics are in line with technological capabilities.


  1. Tech-savvy and Sales-minded: Ability to merge traditional sales acumen with advanced technological tools, maximizing both to drive results.
  2. Strategic Campaign Management: Proficiency in designing, executing, and refining automated outbound campaigns that lead to user activation, demos, and account expansion.
  3. Data-driven Decision-making: Capable of leveraging analytics and metrics from tools like to inform strategies, measure campaign efficacy, and optimize outcomes.
  4. Innovative Mindset: Constantly on the hunt for fresh, creative strategies and tests to enhance engagement and conversion rates.
  5. Collaborative Spirit: Effective at working seamlessly with cross-functional teams, drawing insights from various departments, and ensuring all efforts are aligned with company goals.
  6. Customer-Centric Focus: Always keeping the user or potential customer in mind, understanding their needs, pain points, and how best to engage them.
  7. Expert Level Copyrighter: Capable of crafting compelling messages for external campaigns and effectively conveying strategies, results, and insights internally.
  8. Continuous Learning: A commitment to personal and professional growth, always seeking to expand knowledge in the field of outbound operations, and staying updated with industry trends.
  9. Results-Oriented: A strong focus on achieving and surpassing set objectives, whether they relate to sales demos, user activations, account expansions, or other key performance indicators.

What You’ll Love About Apollo

Besides the great compensation package and culture that thrives in openness and excellence, we invest tremendous effort into developing our remote employees’ careers. The team embraces that we have a sole purpose: to help customers maximize their full revenue potential on the Apollo platform. This mindset opens us up to a lot of creative approaches to making customers successful at scale. You’ll be a significant part of a lean, remote team, empowered to really own your role as a proactive educator. We’re very collaborative at Apollo, so you’ll be able to lean on your teammates, even in adjacent departments, to help you achieve lofty goals. You’ll be supported and encouraged to experiment and take educated risks that lead to big wins. And, you’ll have a whole team remotely by your side to help you do it!