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Staff, Data Scientist(SCM)



Data Science
Seoul, South Korea
Posted on Friday, June 14, 2024

Coupang is reimagining the commerce experience with the goal of wowing each customer from the instant they open the Coupang app to the moment an order is delivered to their door. Powered by a dynamice end-to-end retail and logistics network and a culture of customer centricity, Coupang has broken tradeoffs around speed, selection and price. Coupang wants to make you feel every day that “How did I ever live without Coupang?”.

Inbound SCMS (Supply Chain Management System) team is solving the below difficult problems with the most advanced technology.

1. Which product to buy from which vendor

2. How much of each product should we buy.

3. Where should we put our inventory, so we ship the product to customers with the fastest delivery.

4. How much inventory should we have in each of our FCs at the lowest cost.

We’re seeking a Data Scientist with expertise in a breadth of ML techniques. Your responsibilities will include developing, prototyping and productionizing innovative models using a range of techniques (Supervised/Unsupervised/Reinforcement). We are also looking for innovators capable of using generative AI to design, evangelize, and implement state-of-the-art solutions for never-before-solved problems. Key job responsibilities - Demonstrate thorough technical knowledge on feature engineering of massive datasets, effective exploratory data analysis, and model building using industry-standard AI/ML models and working with Large Language Models - Proficiency in both Supervised(Linear/Logistic Regression) and UnSupervised algorithms(k means clustering) - Understand the business reality behind large sets of data and develop meaningful solutions comprising of analytics as well as marketing management. - Work closely with internal stakeholders like the business teams, engineering teams and partner teams and align them with respect to your focus area - Innovate by adapting new modeling techniques and procedures - Passionate about working with huge data sets (training/fine tuning) and be someone who loves to bring datasets together to answer business questions. You should have deep expertise in the creation and management of datasets - Exposure at implementing and operating stable, scalable data flow solutions from production systems into end-user-facing applications/reports. These solutions will be fault-tolerant, self-healing, and adaptive. - Work with distributed machine learning and statistical algorithms to harness enormous volumes of data at scale to serve our customers


- 6+ years of data scientist or similar role involving data extraction, analysis, statistical modeling

- Good communication experience

- Bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics or equivalent

- Experience with statistical models e.g. multinomial logistic regression

- Proven knowledge of deep learning and experience hosting and deploying ML solutions (e.g., for training, tuning, and inferences)


- Knowledge of AWS tech stack (e.g., AWS Redshift, S3, EC2, Glue)

- Master's degree in a quantitative field such as statistics, mathematics, data science, business analytics, economics, finance, engineering, or computer science

- Working knowledge of generative AI and hands on experience in deploying and hosting Large Foundational Models

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Recruitment Process

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  • The exact nature of the recruitment process may vary according to the specific job and may be changed due to scheduling or other circumstances.
  • Interview schedules and the results will be informed to the applicant via the e-mail address submitted at the application stage.

Details to Consider

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  • Coupang has the right to rescind an offer of employment if a candidate is found to have submitted false information as part of the application process.
  • Coupang does not discriminate against disabled applicants or those with veteran status. We are proud to offer equal opportunities for all applicants.
  • Job titles and responsibilities may be subject to change depending on the candidate’s overall experience, etc. This will be communicated to the candidate at the appropriate time before the offer.

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  • Hiring may be restricted in case the legal qualifications required for hiring and work performance are not met.